4 Reasons why you should use a car oil based air diffuser

There has been an increase in the demand for aromatherapy related products particularly as mental health issues take a more significant toll in the day to day lives of human beings. Due to this, the use of scented equipment to improve our mental health and elevate our mood has now become commonplace for many people inside and outside the UK.
The average driver spends 4 years (or 32,208 hours) inside a car over their lifetime. This makes a car the perfect place to create a relaxed atmosphere particularly as driving can be quite an intense ordeal at times!
This article lists reasons why you should use an oil diffuser in your car – let us know if you agree.
Provides a relaxing environment
A car can be a stressful place with traffic, accidents and external noise – having a coping mechanism for this can really help you on your journey, particularly if there are delays or you are running late. It’s been proven that a great scent can help you get to that relaxing place even in times of stress. One of the most relaxing scents in the Scent Kings range is the Dreams Unstoppable fragrance which smells just like the laundry detergent – helping our brain get that sense of achievement and happiness you get when you finish your laundry!
Improves air quality in your car
The scents within the Scent Kings range are quite powerful so it’s easy to tell when there is stale air in your car as the scent wont permeate to the back of the car. This can act as a signal to you to increase the air flow within the car to both allow the scent to travel the full range of the car.
It can help with your concentration
Given the scent within the Scent Kings range are designed with real essential oils, it can help you relax on your drive and as such can help you improve your focus within your driving as you’ll be less distracted by external stimuli.
It makes you feel great!
We have always associated smells with memories as it is an easy link for our brain to make. Due to this, having a scent which reminds you of something great in your past is a powerful way to make you feel amazing whilst driving your car – it’s a way to bring joy back into your driving. One such fragrance which can help with this in the Scent Kings range is the Pina Colada scent which can make you feel like you’re on holiday. Try it out here