Changing the way your car smells for good

No longer will you need to rely on cheap cardboard air fresheners which don’t work well, look terrible and need to be replaced week after week – we’re here to change the car scent game for good.

That’s why all our products use only the highest quality scents around - its taken our team almost a year to find the perfect scents for each flavour! Check them out here

Innovating, always

Cars have always been an expression of ourselves with so many makes, models and designs to choose from – how our car smells should be no different!

We will always endeavour to expand our scent collection to reflect the latest colognes, perfumes and smells from around the world.

If You Ask, We'll Listen

If you can’t find the scent that suits you perfectly – let us know here! We’re always on the lookout and we’d love to find you your perfect fragrance and add it to our collection for everyone else to enjoy too.


At Scent Kings, we want to
empower you, our customers, to reduce environmental damage and the use of landfills by making our products 100% recyclable. Whilst we may not have all of the answers yet, we do believe that some small input from everyone can make a huge difference. Thats why we all of our products are made cruelty free and without any harmful chemicals which could damage the world we live in.