Innovation: Is the era of the hanging cardboard air freshener over?

In recent times one of the most popular air fresheners used particularly by people in the UK is the hanging cardboard air freshener – one of the most popular being little trees. This is a simple piece of scented card which is attached to a string enabling it to be hung from a location in a car, typically the rear-view mirror. These have long been the go to choice for customers because of the low cost associated with them but has many drawbacks such as the lack of depth in the scent from the air fresheners as well as the fact that the scent is most intense at the start (to a point where it can sometimes be sickly), but quickly becomes less intense as the days go on until it is no longer able to offer any value to the smell of your car.

The car air diffuser offer a superior solution to the issues created by the cardboard air fresheners. A much wider range of scents is available due to the use of oils which are typically available in a much larger variety of scents/flavours. Not only this the solution used, coupled with the wooden lid diffuser, has a steady evaporation rate so there is an even distribution of the scent and provides a pleasant aroma for the user to enjoy.

Car diffusers are also significantly better for the environment with customers being able to obtain a an scent refill which they can use once their scent has run out. This allows the diffuser to be recycled again and again which reduces the use of landfill sites and has a positive effect on the environment.

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