Royal Oud

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Lid Color

A rich woody composition beginning with zesty citrus top notes of lemon, bergamot and grapefruit supported by aromatic cardamom, cypress and hints of clove.  The heart sees notes of sweet herbal angelica supported by powdery orris all resting on a base of precious woods, amber, vanilla and tonka.

Similar in Style and Identity to the popular brand. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company.

1x 8ml Car diffuser bottle

Duration of use:
1 – 2 months (weather dependent).

Vegan Friendly
Cruelty Free
Paraben Free

How to use:

  • Unscrew the diffuser lid
  • Take out the stopper
  • Screw the diffuser lid back on
  • Turn diffuser to the side for a few seconds to allow the wood in the cap to soak up the liquid
  • The diffuser is now ready to use

Please note that leaving the diffuser on the side or upside down too long can cause spillages.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Pritesh Patel
Great gift

Bought this for my dad and he loves the smell and design. Been using it for 3 weeks and still going strong!

Kate Hartley
This is a brilliant product

The scent is so good! It really fills my car and lasts a long time. Had it a week already and it's still going strong

Nehemiah Benson
great scent - good throw and smell isnt overpowering

happy with this product - thanks!

Bob Simth
happy customer

i loved this smell

Sadie Wilkerson
long lasting, great scent

good buy - keep it up

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